It is the responsibility of the purchaser to gain any and all permissions for use of logos.  Submission constitutes authorization on the part of the purchaser.

Laser engraving
Laser engraving is included in the price of all of our laser engraved plaques.  We accept any logo and will adjust accordingly for optimum engraving.  For timeliness and to ensure acceptable results it is recommended to submit your logo in a jpeg or vector format.  We then color fill the engraved area of all walnut and cherry plaques.  Alder and alder plus plaques laser engrave with a natural dark contrast.  Regardless of what you choose, It looks Awesome!  We do not have a maximum number of logos, words or letters, but we do recommend that you exercise some restraint.  If we believe that it will not look good on that size of a plaque then we will let you know.  For large amounts of text you might consider one of our full color sublimation plate plaques.

Full color imprinted plates
Full color imprinting is included in the price of all of our Full color plate plaques as well as on any name plate or perpetual plaque plate.  It is available in glossy or satin gold and glossy or satin silver.  Whichever you choose will look great.  We accept logos in virtually any format.  We cannot guarantee a sharp reproduction on a large logo from a low resolution image.  If you print it out and it looks sharp, then it will look equal or better on metal.  Remember, that white areas on your logo will remain the metal color.   We can customize and make suggestions to fit your needs, we can adapt one of your personalized Corel X4 or lower or AI 5 projects to fit, or anywhere in between.

Laser cut laminate
Real wood laminate is adhered to the plaque and laser cut.  The areas no longer needed are removed and an additional layer of finish is then applied over the entire plaque.  This leaves the impression of an intricate inlay, but at a fraction of the price.This works good for larger vector cutting.

Color Fill Example
We have 3000+ fonts available at our disposal, but recommend the following fonts due to their elegance and ease of readability on our our personalized items.
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